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90 Degree Turn Conveyor Section

90 Degree Turn Conveyor Section

A conveyor section that changes the direction of the conveyor line - 90 degrees to the left or right - while keeping the pieces oriented in the same direction relative to the conveyor bed.


Depending on your industry, you may call conveyor sections of this type a curved corner, a corner turn, a right angle turn, a right angle corner, a 90-degree curve, a 90-degree corner, or a corner curve.

Operational Description

The Union 90 Degree Turn conveyor section is designed to receive printed circuit board materials as they exit a conveyorized system or process, and then transport them at a 90-degree arc so that the flow of the printed circuit boards changes 90 degrees. However, the dimensional position of the printed circuit boards on the conveyor does not change.

The frame is constructed of welded tubular steel. The conveyor is made of PVC rubber covered discs, which drive the printed circuit board or board materials around the curve while providing gentle handling for the board surfaces. Space required: 36" x 36" Power: Fractional horsepower DC motor. Speed: 0 to 30 l.f.p.m.

The 90 Degree Turn can be incorporated into any existing system. Two 90-Degree units may be stacked (connected together) to make a 180-Degree Turn.

The 90-Degree Turn is available in various sizes and with various pass line heights to meet individual needs.