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Feeders / Stackers

75 Degree PCB Feeder/Stacker

75 Degree PCB Feeder/Stacker

Originally designed for the printed circuit board industry, the Union Tool 75° Feeder Stacker concept can be easily adapted for any application that requires sheets or panels to be fed one-at-a-time to a machine or horizontal conveyor line from a slanted vertical stack. The same machine also performs the reverse operation: receiving sheets one-at-a-time from another machine or horizontal conveyor line, and then collectings them in a 75° vertical stack.


Depending on your industry, you may call machines of this type a feeder / stacker, slant loader, de-stacker / stacker, vertical panel feeder, vertical sheet feeder, slanted sheet loader, and many other things... whatever you call it, just tell us what you want to do and we'll know what you mean!

Operational Description

Union Tool 75 Degree Feeders and Stackers are specifically designed to feed printed circuit board materials from a 75 degree vertical stack onto a horizontal conveyorized process, or stack the boards from a horizontal conveyorized process into a 75 degree vertical stack.

By incorporating a rotating vacuum arm, both the feed and stack modes secure the pc boards through the cycle. A small section of powered urethane belts are positioned to allow the rotating arms to pass through the conveyor.

In the stack mode, the rotating arms return underneath the belt conveyor, allowing the next panel to be transported by the belt conveyor before the rotating arms are in position under the conveyor. This allows for a faster cycle time and more production per hour, without an additional speed-up conveyor prior to the stacker.

All motions are guided by support rails, producing a smooth and accurate motion. A 75 degree pc cart is included with either machine, or Union Tool can design the equipment using the customer's present cart. A small programmable controller allows the same machine to perform both modes, feed or stack.

Versatility is the reason Union Tool is the leader in printed circuit board handling equipment.