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PCB Turnover Model SS

PCB Tunove Model SS

This in-line device turns printed circuit boards over 180 degrees (180°) as they pass down the conveyor on the processing or assembly line. It does this while keeping the PCB registration holes in the proper position, and edge-handling assures that the surface of the board is protected.


Folks call this a turnover device, a board rotator, a flipper, a board turner, a work-and-turn (as opposed to work-and-tumble) device, a rollover, and a barrel-roll.

Operational Description

The Union Model SS Turnover is specifically designed to rotate printed circuit board materials 180 degrees inline, without danger of damaging the printed circuit board. This turnover device is capable of handling printed circuit board materials ranging in thickness from .005 to .250, and in size from 10" x 10" to 24" x 24".

As the printed circuit board materials enter the turnover unit, a photocell signals an airactuated drive motor, which moves into position and powers the lower conveyor section, transporting the printed circuit board into the turnover unit. A photocell senses the trailing edge of the printed circuit board material, ensuring that the substrate is completely within the turnover conveyor section. After the trailing edge is sensed, the drive motor retracts from the lower conveyor, stopping the conveyor and engaging the turnover motor. The turnover then rotates 180 degrees in a left-to-right or barrel-type motion. A DC motor with electric clutch is used to power the turnover actuation. When the turnover has completed its rotation, the lower conveyor then becomes the upper conveyor, while the upper conveyor has become the lower conveyor. The drive motor again moves into position, powering the lower conveyor and transporting the printed circuit board out of the turnover unit, and is now ready to accept the next printed circuit board substrate. Stainless steel guides along the edge of the turnover device ensure that the printed circuit board moves no more than 1/4" in any direction.

The Union Model SS Turnover is one of two types of turnovers offered by Union Tool. Both give the customer the ability to turn over printed circuit board materials on an inline basis while keeping registration holes in the correct location for future processes.