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Transfer / Accumulation Conveyor

Transfer / Accumulation Conveyor

Transfers thin panels (e.g.: printed circuit board substrates) from the outfeed conveyor of one process (e.g.: curing oven) to the infeed conveyor of the next process (e.g.: automated mask printer), while providing a 100-panel buffer accumulator to even out transcient line speed fluctuations between the two processes.


Transfer accumulator, line speed buffer, buffering accumulator, buffer feeder or accumulating feeder.

Operational Description

Automation should be a positive feature of any production process. True automation should reduce or eliminate the need for manual intervention. The Union Tool Corporation has designed and developed Material Handling Equipment which will allow drying and curing conveyorized ovens to be part of an automatic production process. The Union T/A Conveyor is specifically designed to be placed after conveyorized drying or curing ovens. This unit has the unique ability to transfer printed circuit board materials directly from the infeed conveyor to the offbearing conveyor, without accumulating, and the ability to accumulate over 100 panels in individual slots. This allows the preceding oven to be completely emptied and the printed circuit board substrates accumulated individually while the feeding operation of corresponding production equipment continues.

For example, tach cure ovens for photo-imageable solder mask may now be placed in line with automated printers. The Union T/A Conveyor will automatically take printed circuit board substrates directly from the tach cure oven and convey them directly into the automatic printer. During art work changes or emergency stops, no manual intervention is necessary. The Union T/A Conveyor will automatically accumulate the panels, either temporarily, or until the complete preceding oven is emptied. The feed cycle may continue even during the accumulation process. The ability to accumulate, feed and react to conditions of production processes, makes the Union T/A Conveyor the automatic answer.