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Function: FEED

Automated Press Sheet Feeders or Sheet De-Stackers from Union Tool.

Many machines in this category are called de-stackers as well as feeders since the job of a sheet feeder is to take sheets one at a time from a supply (usually, a stack) and feed the sheets into the infeed side of a processing machine or conveyor line.

Here are a few samples that illustrate the FEED function in action:

AUTOMATIC FEEDER/ROLLER COATER (SO16777) - Designed to destack and feed aluminum round blanks into a Roller Coater and apply lubricant to both sides. A “thumper” cylinder rapidly taps the blank to insure only one is fed into the coater. The lubricant roller coater features “Deburring” rolls in front to flatten the blank edges before being coated, prolonging the life of the rubber coating rolls.

UNION SHEET FEEDER (PB12987) - Specifically designed to automatically destack, align and feed steel sheets. The feeder will feed sheets ranging in sizes from 20" to 44" wide and 60" to 76" long with thicknesses varying from .050" to .125". A complete stack can be a maximum of 16" high and weigh up to 8,000 pounds. Cycle time is a maximum of five sheets per minute.

STEEL PLATE & SHEET FEEDER (PB8582)- This very large feeder for steel sheets and plates has a 30,000 pound hydraulic lift table. This machine can de-stack and feed steel sheets from 24"x24"x16" gauge up to steel plates 72"x240" thick.

STEEL BLANK SHEET FEEDER (PB7044) - This Union Tool Steel Blank Sheet Feeder destacks and loads steel blanks onto a feed table, such as for an automatic CNC punch machine. It features precision placement of the blank to within 1/16" (0.0625", 1.5875mm)

SHEET FOAM FEEDER (PB3647) - The programmable Union Tool Sheet Foam Feeder simplifies and automates the process of de-stacking foam sheets and feeding them one at a time to a conveyor. Handles foam sheets 4 feet wide and up to 16 feet long, as line feed speeds up to 100 feed per minute.

AUTOMATIC METAL SHEET FEEDER (PB15181) - This automated sheet feeder accepts a stack of metal sheets or blanks and feeds them one at a time to a conveyor line or a processing machine. The infeed stack is automatically indexed up to the correct pass line height as each sheet is fed.

METAL SHEET VACUUM FEEDER (PB14993) - Feeds metal sheets one at a time from an integrated lift table carrying a stack of sheets weighing as much as a ton. The lift table indexes the sheet stack to pass line height, magnetic sheet fanners separate each sheet, and vacuum cups transfer the sheets to the conveyor.

75 DEGREE (75°) PCB FEEDER / STACKER (PB20055) - Originally designed for the printed circuit board industry, the Union Tool 75° Feeder Stacker concept can be easily adapted for any application that requires sheets or panels to be fed one-at-a-time to a machine or horizontal conveyor line from a slanted vertical stack. The same machine also performs the reverse operation: receiving sheets one-at-a-time from another machine or horizontal conveyor line, and then collecting them in a 75° vertical stack.

AUTOMATIC VACUUM SHEET FEEDER (PB401) - This automated vacuum sheet feeder accepts a stack of wood, plastic or metal sheets and feeds them one at a time to a conveyor line or a processing machine. The infeed stack is automatically indexed up to the correct pass line height as each sheet is fed.


AUTOMATIC PRESS BLANK FEEDER / COATER / FEEDER FOR LARGER STEEL BLANKS (PB11387) The special aspect to this unit is the ability of the feed stroke of the feed head to be programmed for the sheet size. The feed head also has a built-in side motion that can move the blank left or right so the dual motion of x-y can locate the blanks against the locating pins in the die. The PLC and touch screeen allows for easy operator set-up and monitoring. Cycle time is variable based on press speed.

PRESS BLANK FEEDER COATER (PB15093) - A combination metal blank de-stacker, drawing compound coater, and blank feeder all in one machine makes the Union Tool Press Blank Feeder Coater a natural for metalforming and metal stamping operations.

RETURN FEED CONVEYOR for Roller Coaters (PB2039) - This special conveyor can be adapted to any new Union Tool roller coater. One person can handle both infeed and outfeed, thanks to a unique slanted conveyor that accepts the work piece as it is fed through the roll coater, then drops down to return the finished piece to the operator and retracts to the start position to accept the next piece. A unique approach to manual feed operations.

PINCH ROLL FEEDER (PB17406) - This heavy-duty feeder is actually a dual station de-stacker that accepts a pair of 150-sheet stacks of steel and feeds them into a forming machine a sheet at a time using vacuum cups to lift the sheets up to pass height, and then feeding them into the former through a set of heavy pinch rollers.