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Function: MOVE

Automated, Automatic Conveyor Lines for Panels, Sheets, Plates and Boards.

Moving work pieces down a production line or processing line typically involves conveyors of one description or another, and Union Tool has made a specialty of conveyorizing flat panels, sheets, plates and boards.

Beyond straight conveyor line sections - which Union Tool provides in all varieties from skate wheels to motorized belts - we also provide automatic or automated conveyor line elements that turn, change flow direction, auto-return, buffer and accumulate. In addition, many of our machines include in-feed and out-feed conveyors as either standard features or optional accessories.

Here are a few samples that illustrate the MOVE function in action:

COMBINATION 90° / STRAIGHT CONVEYOR - A versatile conveyor section that can send flat panels in either of two directions - straight ahead, or at a 90 degree angle. A flexible and effective conveyor line flow control.

90° TURN CONVEYOR SECTION - A conveyor section that changes the direction of the conveyor line - 90 degrees to the left or right - while keeping the pieces oriented in the same direction relative to the conveyor bed. Add two of these in sequence to turn the line 180°.

CONVEYOR ACCUMULATION STATION - A conveyor line accumulation station that holds flat panels such as printed circuit board substrates as they come off a machine or conveyor and then releases them one at a time to a downstream conveyor line or processing machine as they are called for.

TRANSFER ACCUMULATION CONVEYOR - Transfers thin panels (e.g.: printed circuit board substrates) from the outfeed conveyor of one process (e.g.: curing oven) to the infeed conveyor of the next process (e.g.: automated mask printer), while providing a 100-panel buffer accumulator to even out transcient line speed fluctuations between the two processes.

PCB TURNOVER Model SS - This in-line device turns printed circuit boards over 180 degrees (180-) as they pass down the conveyor on the processing or assembly line. It does this while keeping the PCB registration holes in the proper position, and edge-handling assures that the surface of the board is protected.

RETURN FEED CONVEYOR for Roller Coaters - This special conveyor can be adapted to any new Union Tool roller coater. One person can handle both infeed and outfeed, thanks to a unique slanted conveyor that accepts the work piece as it is fed through the roll coater, then drops down to return the finished piece to the operator and retracts to the start position to accept the next piece.

Infeed / Outfeed Combination Machines

ROLLER COATER for STAMPING LUBRICANT and DRAWING COMPOUND application, w/ Conveyors - A roller coater for the application of drawing compound or stamping lubricant to metal sheets prior to metal forming operations. Includes infeed and outfeed conveyors. Coats top side, bottom side, or both in a single pass.

PCB ROLLER COATER w/ Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors - This roller coater is for in-line application of coatings and protective sealants to the top surface of printed circuit boards as they travel down a production or assembly line. The coater has both infeed and outfeed conveyor sections which match the pass line height of the main conveyor line, and are synchronized to the line speed.

REVERSE GLASS ROLL COATER w/ Conveyors - A reverse roll coater for application of UV paint, solvent-based and water-based paints to glass plates, panels, panes and sheets. This Union Tool reverse roller coater has integral infeed and outfeed conveyors for direct integration with new or existing production and processing lines.