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Combination 90 Degree / Straight Conveyor

Union Tool combination straight/90 degree conveyor sends flat panels in either of two directions.

A versatile conveyor section that can send flat panels in either of two directions - straight ahead, or at a 90 degree angle.


Depending on your industry, you may call machines of this type a two-way conveyor, a branching conveyor, a splitter, a right angle / straight conveyor, a dual-path conveyor, a transfer conveyor section, a spur transfer, or a directional change conveyor.

Operational Description

VERSATILITY is the best word to describe the Union Combination 90 Degree / Straight Conveyor. Versatile not only because it is capable of conveying printed circuit boards side-by-side as well as single file, but also because of a unique double mode operation.

Both modes work in conjunction with the pass line height of connecting equipment. Mode #1 allows two processes to be combined on an inline basis through the use of the Straight Conveyor. Aluminum rolls with rubber o-rings are incorporated to provide the contact surface for the printed circuit boards on the Straight Conveyor.

A simple flip of a switch to Mode #2 actuates air cylinders located on the legs of the machine, which raises the entire frame so that the 90-Degree Turn Conveyor is now at the pass line height of the corresponding equipment. By utilizing a 90-degree turn, two processes located perpendicular to each other can now be combined. PVC discs with rubber o-rings provide the contact surface for the printed circuit boards.

Both conveyors are powered by a fractional horsepower DC motor and have variable speed from 0 to 30 l.f.p.m.

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