Union Tool Corporation

The Union Tool Corporation
P.O. Box 935 • Warsaw, IN 46581
Phone: (574) 267-3211 • Fax: (574) 267-5703

Shipping Address: 1144 N. Detroit St. • Warsaw, IN 46580

Union Tool Company History

The Union Tool Corporation: Feeders, conveyors, roller coaters, laminators, stackers, and complete systems since 1944

Started in 1944 by Karl J. Heinzelman, Union Tool remains a family owned business. "But just about everything else has changed," says Chuck Simpson, co-president. "When we began, lots of products were made of wood and woodworking companies were our best customers." After the war, though, companies retooled for consumer products that more and more were made of plastics, composites and steel rather than wood. The machines handling and producing such products also had to change. "Each new application presented new problems that we learned to solve one customer at a time. Looking afresh at each customer's production situation became an essential part of how we do business."

Today practically everything made by the nearly 50 employees of this Warsaw, Indiana based company is customized to some extent to help each customer produce goods most efficiently. Union Tool's engineering department oversees customization and develops innovative solutions. The department includes experts in mechanical and electrical design, software writers and new equipment debuggers. Innovative designs are tested in Union Tool's lab to determine how well they'll perform before they are used under actual production conditions. (That lab is also available for potential customers who want to take their products on a "trial run" with Union Tool roller coaters and other machines.)

The people at Union Tool think beyond just machines. Whether you need a sheet feeder, automatic conveyors, roller coaters, automatic laminating machines, sheet stackers--or a complete system-- they'll take time to understand your whole process, start to finish. Results? Machines that will help you reduce waste, labor costs, and repairs, while truly improving uptime and productivity.

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