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Industry: GLASS

Architectural (Spandrel) Glass Machines from Union Tool.

The production of spandrel glass is a special-purpose application of Union Tool's roller coating technology. The extremely smooth coating of ceramic frit, UV paint, and other solvent or water-based paints on glass substrates is a characteristic of UT's reverse roller coater action that gives better results than spray, curtain coater, or silk screen methods.

Glass tri-coater.

GLASS TRI-COATER (6655)- A new "Tri-Coater" for spandrel glass or transparent glass production and offering controllable, high quality coat thickness. The Tri-Coater's unique design offers two doctor rolls and allows for reverse coating of ceramic frit or silicone based coatings and for direct coat of transparent or etch coatings, all on one machine.

Reverse glass roller coaters.

REVERSE GLASS ROLLER COATER - A roller coater especially designed to apply paint and other coatings to glass plates and panels. While there are many applications for processing glass sheets in this manner, this particular machine is used in the creation of spandrel glass panels for buildings and architecture.

Reverse glass roll coater with conveyor.

REVERSE GLASS ROLL COATER WITH CONVEYOR - A reverse roller coater for application of UV paint, solvent-based and water-based paints to glass plates, panels and sheets. This Union Tool reverse roll coater has integral infeed and outfeed conveyors for direct integration with new or existing production and processing lines.