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Industry: PCBs

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing from Union Tool.

One of the primary requirements in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards is protecting the surfaces of the boards, which means gentle handling by the edges. While most of the machines in this category are specific to the PCB industry, they can be adapted to handle delicate materials of all kinds where surface protection and precision handling are required..

PCB roller coater machines.

PCB ROLLER COATER - This roller coater is for in-line application of coatings and protective sealants to the top surface of printed circuit boards as they travel down a production or assembly line. The coater has both infeed and outfeed conveyor sections which match the pass line height of the main conveyor line, and are synchronized to the line speed.

Automatic sheet stacker

AUTOMATIC SHEET STACKER - This automated machine stacks sheets as they exit processing machines or a conveyor line. The pictured machine is specifically for printed circuit boards, but the concept is easily adapted to other materials and applications.

PCB turnover Model SS.

PCB TURNOVER Model SS - This in-line device turns printed circuit boards over 180 degrees (180-) as they pass down the conveyor on the processing or assembly line. It does this while keeping the PCB registration holes in the proper position, and edge-handling assures that the surface of the board is protected.