Union Tool Corporation

The Union Tool Corporation
P.O. Box 935 • Warsaw, IN 46581
Phone: (574) 267-3211 • Fax: (574) 267-5703

Shipping Address: 1144 N. Detroit St. • Warsaw, IN 46580


Plastic Packaging and Forming from Union Tool.

From application of blister / skin pack material to silicone coating of plastic web materials prior to forming, Union Tool knows how to handle plastic sheets, films and panels.

Skin pack / blister pack coating system.

BLISTER PACK / SKIN PACK COATING SYSTEM - An automated machine that applies liquid vinyl and heat sealing adhesive to card stock to make blister packs or skin packs for retail display hanger cards or other product packaging.

Silicone roller coater.

SILICONE ROLLER COATER - Applies a silicone release coating to the top side, the bottom side, or both sides of plastic web material or sheet plastic before it is formed into packaging containers.


Plastic web roller coater.

PLASTIC WEB ROLLER COATER - this machine draws web-feed (or roll-fed) plastic material from an integrated un-winder, coats it single or double-sided with a silicone, anti-fog, or anti static coating, then feeds it into a thermoforming press line.