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2-Sided Adhesive Roller Coater

Adhesive Roll Coater - Union Tool 1977

An adhesive roll coater designed for applying a precise coating of water-based, solvent-based or phenolic resin adhesive to either side or both sides of the substrate in one operation. The unit shown was specifically designed for coating clutch and brake facing plates, but the machine's concept is readily adapted for many other applications.

In the Model A Double Coater Roll Configuration, the liquid coating is held in the troughs between the coating rolls and their companion doctor rolls, top and bottom.


Depending on your industry, you may call this a roller coater, a roll coater, an adhesive spreader, an adhesive roll coater, a glue coater, a glue spreader, a two-sided adhesive coater, a two-sided roll coater, or a double-sided roller coater.

Operational Description

The Union Adhesive roll Coater was designed to apply water-based, solvent-based or phenolic resin adhesive to the top and/or bottom surface of clutch and brake facing plates in a single pass. This coater applies a smooth, even, controlled amount of adhesive with a direct action roll coater. The facing plates may range in size from 3" to 22" in diameter and in thickness from 0.030" to 4.000".

The Union Tool Corporation has been manufacturing roll coaters for many years. We have combined our years of experience with today's materials and technology in order to offer a roll coater which we feel is superior to any other on the market. Union roll coaters are available in sizes ranging from 6" to 110".

Mechanical Specifications

Series #15, Model A
Supply of coating material for upper and lower coating assemblies is held in the trough formed by the doctor roll and coating roll and UHMW seal plates which seal the ends of the rolls. Seal plates equipped with drains for recirculation of adhesive
ROLLER ADJUSTMENTS Upper coating roll: single handwheel for vertical adjustment Doctor rolls: unifeed adjustment
ROLLER DIMENSIONS Coating rolls: 6.5" diameter x 26" long
Doctor rolls: 4.375" diameter x 26" long
Coating rolls: Smooth ground rubber
Doctor rolls: Smooth ground chrome-plated steel
MECHANICAL DIGITAL INDICATORS Mechanical digital indicators, reading in thousandths, for visual reference of roll position
Hinged top half of machine opens for easy access to change coating and doctor rolls
BEARINGS Anti-friction, self-aligning roll bearings and slides inverted for optimum protection from adhesive
MOTOR & CONTROLS 2 drive motors; 1 motor and gearbox arrangement to drive coating rolls and another to drive doctor rolls. Each coating roll and doctor roll is independently driven by a drive shaft. Conveyors driven from coating rolls by timing belt drive. Explosion-proof electricals available
Variable from 20 to 60 l.f.p.m.
HOOD Hood with adjustable sliding (such as Lexan) on infeed and offbearing side of coater. Exhaust opening 8" diameter. Lexan slides are electrically interlocked to stop coater when they are not in position
V-CASTERS V-casters mounted for ease in rolling machine inline; includes foot lock
Optional air pump, with valve and air controls, available to pump adhesive from a supply tank to each coating head
CONVEYOR SYSTEM Stainless steel wire mesh infeed and offbearing conveyors