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Automatic Sheet Steel & Steel Plate Feeder/De-Stacker

Automatic steel plate and sheet feeder and de-stacker.

This very large feeder for steel sheets and plates has a 30,000 pound hydraulic lift table. This machine, originally designed for a major steel processing plant, can de-stack and feed steel sheets from 24"x24"x16 gauge up to steel plates 72"x240"x?" thick (yes, that's right, 6 foot by 20 foot half-inch plate!). Feed rates are up to 6 cycles per minute.


Depending on your industry, you may call this a sheet feeder, an infeed de-stacker, a steel plate feeder, a sheet steel loader, a vacuum plate lifter, an indexing feeder, or a vacuum sheet feeder. Whatever you call it, this machine automatically lifts steel sheets or plates from a and positions them to the infeed conveyor of a processing machine or production line.

Operational Description

When feeding smaller sizes, the vacuum heads will pick up 4 sheets at a time from 4 separate stacks. A touch screen allows the operator to select which vacuum cups are used for the various sheet sizes. The feeder moves sheets from stacks of steel and positions them on a built-in conveyer, which then moves the sheets or plates through downstream production line equipment, such as a brush cleaning system.

This steel sheet / plate feeder is designed to be part of a complete automated system, with hydraulic lift table infeed, adjustable line height outfeed and line speed synchronization for complete production line integration.

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