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EPS Foam Waste Disposal Machine

EPS Foam Waste Disposal Machine - Union Tool 4452

EPS foam waste disposal made easy! Trimming, routing and grooving operations produce large volumes of EPS foam beads and bits that create disposal problems. Just dump the EPS bead scrap into the machine, and out come uniform sheets that stack neatly in minimum space, saving plant space and disposal costs. It's Union Tool's engineering expertise with heated rollers and roll technology that does the trick!


Technically, this is a heated roller sheet extruder for EPS bead scrap; we call it the Union Tool EPS Foam Waste Disposal Machine, Model 4452. Either one is quite a mouthful; here are some shorter alternatives we've heard our customers use: EPS foam melt machine, EPS hot roll sheet extruder, EPS scrap flattener, a roller-driven EPS bead compressor, EPS scrap melter, and an EPS bead scrap compactor.

Operational Description

This machine was specifically designed to melt and extrude beads of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for waste removal purposes.

A stainless steel hopper on top of the machine feeds the beads from a collection bag into a set of horizontally mounted heated rolls, which are used to melt the beads. By incorporating a vacuum system, the beads may be deposited directly into this foam melt machine from a foam trim, route or groove operation.

As the heated rolls revolve, the beads melt and then are scraped from each roll while in the liquid state. As this liquid foam falls into a container located under the rolls, it cools and solidifies. The transformation of EPS waste from beads to extruded sheets saves tremendous plant space and disposal costs.