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Hot Melt Roller Coater

Roller Coater Series 45 - Union Tool 2035

Union Tool hot melt roller coaters make production line glue-up operations profitable. Hot melt adhesives have many benefits - speed, strength, and the ability to bond many different materials - but applying hot melt glue in a precise, even coating requires a well-thought-out machine that delivers the additional benefits of labor savings, ease of setup, clean operation, and rock-solid mechanics.

Roll Configuration

In the Model A Double Coater Roll Configuration, the liquid coating is held in the troughs between the coating rolls and their companion doctor rolls, top and bottom.


Depending on your industry, you may call these hot melt roller coaters, hot melt roll coaters, hot melt adhesive spreaders, hot melt glue machines or glue spreaders (Once you've used a Union Tool Hot Melt Roller Coater, you'll call them "fantastic!").

Operational Description

The Union Series #15, Model A, Hot Melt Roller Coater was designed to apply hot melt coatings such as wax, contact adhesive, PUR adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive or virtually any coating material that requires heat for roller coater application.

The Union Tool Corporation has been manufacturing hot melt roller coaters for many years. We have combined our years of experience with today's materials and technology in order to offer a roller coater which we feel is superior to any other on the market.

Union roller coaters are available in sizes from 6" to 110" wide.


  • ROLL CONSTRUCTION: We construct our rolls so that we actually have a roll within a roll. The purpose of this is to recirculate the hot oil around the dummy roll, which is welded on the inside of the roll tube itself, instead of filling the entire roll with hot oil. This allows for more even heat and allows us to use a lower kw heater.
  • HEATED ROLLS: Both doctor rolls and coating rolls are heated. Heating the coating rolls allows us to maintain a more controlled temperature and compensate for the heat loss which naturally occurs while coating various substrates. Heat loss on the coating roll will cause a variation in coating weights and force the user to apply heavier amounts of hot melt adhesive.
  • BEARINGS: All bearings are mounted on the outside of the slide plate which eliminates any contamination of the various coating materials to the bearings themselves. All bearings are filled with high temperature grease.
  • SILICONE COVERED COATING ROLL: When coating surfaces which are uniform and flat, we are able to utilize a steel coating roll and a steel doctor roll. Where a soft coating roll is required to conform to the substrate surface, a silicone-covered coating roll is utilized in order to withstand the heat and provide the desired release characteristics.
  • SEAL PLATES: All seal plates are spring-loaded in order to compensate for the roll expansion which naturally occurs when the rolls are heated.
  • HOT OIL HEATER: The location of the hot oil heater can either be underneath the coating area or mounted vertically to either side of the coater. The Union coater requires no water cool-down for the hot oil pump itself. Both the hot oil heater and the hot oil pump are specifically designed for hot oil applications.
  • CONTROL CABINET: A control cabinet is furnished with each system and can be completely separate from the coater or attached to the coater on a hinged mounting in order to provide access to the coater. lnterlocking of the hot oil pump and oil heater requires that the hot oil pump be on in order to activate the hot oil heater. A digital temperature controller maintains temperature while a second thermostat provides for a safety and automatic kick-out.
  • RELEASE COATING: A special release coating is sprayed over the painted surfaces within the coating area. This release coating provides a non-stick surface which in turn makes clean-up and maintenance simple and effective.
  • PLUMBING: All plumbing within the unit is insulated. All rolls and components are equipped with shut-off valves so that maintenance can be performed at individual components.
  • TESTlNG AND SERVICE: The Union Tool Corporation maintains a 54" hot melt coater on the floor for testing at all times. This allows all potential customers to test production size panels using their own materials and provides for first hand knowledge of the various coating materials and the Union roller coater. This is done at no charge or obligation. Union Tool provides service after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain customer relationships which have kept us in business for 50 years.