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Press Blank Feeder Coater

Press Blank Feeder Coater - Union Tool 15093

A combination metal blank de-stacker, drawing compound coater, and blank feeder all in one machine makes the Union Tool Press Blank Feeder Coater a natural for metalforming and metal stamping operations.


Metal formers and stampers call this machine a metal blank lubricator-feeder, a de-stacker coater feeder, drawing compound applicator and blank loader.

Operational Description

The Union Press Blank Feeder-Coater is specifically designed to feed and coat circular blanks directly into a die area. These blanks can range in size from 14" in diameter to 21" in diameter and range in thickness from .083 to .100. This Feeder- Coater Combination is capable of feeding blanks at a rate of 12 cycles per minute. Incorporated within the electronics of this machine is a programmable microprocessor, which allows the machine to be preprogrammed to individual specifications or be easily programmed on the job site as requirements change.

A stack of circular blanks weighing up to 1500 Ibs. may be rolled into position against guides on a built-in lift. The lift then raises the complete stack to a predetermined pass line height, controlled by a photocell. Magnetic sheet separators insure single sheet feeding. A vertical cylinder is then activated, lowering the vacuum head and engaging the vacuum cup with the top blank. Vacuum is then pulled, raising the top blank and transferring it to a predetermined position above a chain conveyor. The blank is then fed into the Roller Coater, coating both sides with a controlled film of drawing compound. After the blank has been coated, it is conveyed and aligned against adjustable stops. While receiving signals from the Press, the second feed position is activated and picks up the coated blank, which has been prepositioned, and moves it forward into the die area. At the same time this blank is being moved in, a pusher bar shoves the predrawn blank from the die area, leaving room for the coated blank. This design allows for the blank to be fed into the Coater and the blank to be placed in the die with the same motion.

Options such as the double sheet detector, magnetic sheet separators and programmable microprocessor insure both safety and reliability in combining the Feeder-Coater Combination with a Press.

If you have systems or independent operations suitable for automation, let The Union Tool Corporation develop Material Handling Equipment to satisfy your needs.