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Hot Melt Roller Coater/Laminator for Floor Mats (16032)

Hot melt roller coater laminatro for floor mats

The Union Tool Corporation has designed and constructed a system that utilizes a Union Hot Melt Roller Coater and a Union Dual Pinch Rotary Laminator (Pinch Roll). The coater and the laminator are tied together with a through conveyor utilizing a perforated belt and vacuum hold down under the coating area. This insures that the floor mat materials are transported under the coating head where a controlled amount of hot melt adhesive is applied to the top surface only.

After the rubber flooring substrate has been coated, it is transported to an open area on the conveyor between the coater and the laminator. A sensor detects the trailing edge of the coated substrate and stops the conveyor in a pre-determined position. This area allows the top cover to be positioned on the coated floor substrate before being transported into the laminator.