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Roller Coater for Stamping Lubricant and Drawing Compound

Roller Coater for Stamping Lubricant and Drawing Compound

A roller coater for the application of drawing compound or stamping lubricant to metal sheets prior to metal forming operations. Includes infeed and outfeed conveyors. Coats top side, bottom side, or both in a single pass.

Roll Configuration

Roll configuration for roller coater machine.

In the Model B Double Coater Roll Configuration, the liquid coating for the top surface is held in the trough between the top coating roller and its companion doctor roll; the liquid coating for the bottom surface is held in a pan in which the bottom coating roll and its companion doctor roll both run.


Metal formers and stampers call this machine a metal blank roll coater or roller coater, a lubrication coater, drawing compound applicator, metal sheet lubricator, sheet coater..

Operational Description

The Union Series 15, Model B, 50" Roller Coater is specifically designed to apply drawing compound and stamping lubricants to sheet stock prior to forming operations.

By utilizing a small, chain track infeed conveyor and a disc-type (point contact) offbearing conveyor, the coater can be either an independent unit or part of a production process. This unit is being utilized behind a roll leveler, thus requiring no additional labor. With the advance of special lubricants, this has helped to eliminate the application of drawing compound and stamping lubricants at the press and make a much cleaner and safer operation.

The air cylinders, which control the doctor roll adjustment, provide automatic setup in controlling the amount of lubricant being applied to the stock. The upper coating head, which is adjusted in a vertical plane, is also air cylinder-controlled. An indicator gives a reading in thousandths of the position of the upper coating roll in relationship to the bottom coating roll, thus compensating for different gauges of material.

A photocell and counters are incorporated to allow the user to coat or not coat sheets as required. The photocell signals the counters, which are preset to the number of sheets to be counted and the number of sheets to be skipped. The upper head, through the air cylinders, then opens and closes, moving the coating rolls in and out of contact with the sheets being processed.

The air cylinders may be activated automatically with the start of the coater, or manually controlled through switches. A complete recirculating system allows the user to coat both the top and/or the bottom of the stock as desired.

As with all Union Tool roller coating equipment, this unit was designed and fabricated to meet specific customer needs. The Union Tool Corporation specializes in packaging its standard roller coating features to fit individual needs. If you provide us with your requirements, we will provide you with a roller coater to do the job.