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Roller Coater Machines for Foam Fabrication/Bedding Applications

Series #15, Model C, Union Tool Roller Coater

Series #15 Roller Coaters from Union Tool are manufactured in widths from 12” to 64” wide.

Series #15 Roller Coaters are manufactured in widths from 12” to 64” wide. These coaters are designed to apply a variety of different coating materials including water base adhesives, resin adhesives, solvent based adhesives, etc. to the top side only of a variety of different flat foam materials. These production machines are built as either stand-alone or in-line units with the capability of running up to 60 l.f.p.m.

Standard features include single handwheel control adjustment, unifeed hand crank adjustment, safety control system, variable speed, and much more. Optional equipment can include an automatic glue gravity feed system, automatic thickness sensor adjustment, infeed/outfeed through conveyors, independent doctor roll speed drive, and PLC system controls.